And I hope you know, you never left my head...

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Hey there! I'm Jimena, please call me Jim ;) 
I'm 19 and I live in my own world :3

Ballet is my passion, but I also love singing, acting, drawing, photography or any kind of art, in other words I'm an artist :). 

I post what I love <3 [Disney, movies, music....], I'm kinda random ;).

I'm a nutritionist in training, and a vegetarian diagnosed & struggling with an ED....

Please feel free to ask me anything you like. Ü

It’s all a matter of perspective


a snap shot of the large wall tank at the aquarium/zoo where i work

out of all the photos i’ve taken this is by far my favorite, i swear it was by pure luck that it came out this way

Aurélie Dupont’s Back